Words are my primary medium. Encouragement is my primary motive. Together, they drive my passion for writing, learning, and other creative endeavors…

Barbara Farland


I believe stories make us and stories make us known. In turn, I pay attention. I’m keen to details. Then I craft what I observe and research into stories and other works that tug on the heart strings, motivate action, and/or celebrate beauty, diversity, and divinity.


In his book The Courage to Teach, Parker Palmer says that “good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.” For me, this means 1) nurturing my students’ learning much more than providing an education—and 2) showing up as a co-learner and conduit.


I also identify as an artist. I love to celebrate and to experiment with color, texture, and symbolism, be it in my writing or the myriad other pastimes and interests that occupy my days. I often express my creativity through crocheting, textiles, graphic design, and collage.