A Homographic Memory

Another day, another… desperate search for quarters!

Three. That’s all my husband and I unearthed before attending a seminar at Walker Library yesterday. Three quarters would satisfy the parking meter for forty-five minutes. We needed enough for sixty.

As the hour neared its end, Terry offered to return to our car while I saw the seminar to its finish. The red “Expired, Expired, Expired” flashed from the meter when I eventually exited the building, but Terry and our car managed to escape from the scary, merciless Minneapolis ticketers.

“So we’re good!” I said as I scooted into the passenger seat.

“Yep, we’re good,” said Terry.

He added, “Whenever anyone came around, I’d just pretend I was searching for change. Funny, but I actually found some.”

Fresh from a discussion on publishing, I couldn’t help but think that there was the start of a story here. Change. The silver coins that come in handy or save our hides. Change. The quest or requirement for things to be different.

A writer loves her homographs.

WRITING PROMPT: A homograph is a word with multiple meanings (e.g., bat, bear, digest). Write a story or poem using a homograph.


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