When it comes to writing articles and featured blog posts, I enjoy mixing interesting anecdotes and colorful description into the “newsy.” My latest published work includes…

My Quest to Find Balance as a New Parent
brightpeak financial, December 21, 2015
I knew I would get pretty busy tending to a little one, meeting need after need and engaging in the fun and games of family life, but I trusted that “work/life balance,” “margin” and all the other popular buzz words of time management would easily apply. How sorely mistaken—and thoroughly disappointed—was I! Read more>>

Christmas with (re)Purpose: The Top 5 Throwaways to Transform into Gifts
brightpeak financial, December 9, 2015
Today’s re-purposing ideas go well beyond kitschy and childish to becoming sought-after home accents and wearables… and thoughtful gifts. Consider trying your hand at re-purposing this Christmas. Read article>>

Kids & Vacation Money: Lessons in Spending & Saving on the Road
brightpeak financial, July 7, 2015
Saving money, caring for money, spending money, giving money–it can all be a valuable part of preparing for and enjoying vacation together as a family. Read article>>

5 Ways to Maintain Self-Esteem While Job Hunting
brightpeak financial, June 17, 2015
In the midst of job hunting, I quickly discovered that it wore on my self-esteem. I often felt isolated. I often didn’t know what direction to take from day-to-day. The key to staying positive was to care for myself in five key ways. Read article>>

Be GLAD: Preserving Your Sanity in Baby’s First Year
brightpeak financial, November 10, 2014
We now admit that the first year of parenthood wasn’t the idyll we dreamed it would be. To preserve our sanity, we relied on a little acronym to stay “G.L.A.D.” through the chaos of it all. Read article>>

3 Things I Didn’t Expect About Adoption
brightpeak financial, October 27, 2014
The best advice my husband and I received as prospective adoptive parents was to “expect the unexpected” during the whole adoption process. Those three little words rang true in three key areas of our adoption journey. Read article>>

Preparing for Parenthood Through Scripture
brightpeak financial, October 7, 2014
Sure, it’s great fun to prepare for a new baby with all the showers and shopping and setting up the nursery. But, above all, looking to Scripture was the very best thing I did before we brought our baby home. Read article>>

Knitting groups: Getting together to grow together
Interweave Knits Weekend 2011
Interested in taking your knitting groups to a whole new level of relationship, learning, and fun? From going on field trips to hosting demonstrations to sharing swaps and stories, knitting groups aren’t just about getting together–they’re also about growing together. Purchase magazine>>

Got questions? Alpha Course offers safe place to address life’s toughest issues
Minnesota Christian Chronicle, September 2010 (front page)
Pain. Purpose. Fears. Faith. People have questions… but Alpha has answers. More than 15 million people worldwide have attended Alpha to gather in community and explore the meaning of life.

New Alpha director brings historic prayer and publicity campaign
Minnesota Christian Chronicle, February 2009 (front page)
With the installment of Steve Gartland as its director, Alpha USA/Twin Cities is enjoying a whole new spirit of prayer and purpose–including a mammoth publicity campaign being launched in fall 2009. More than one hundred churches will participate and benefit from advertisements and media relations efforts.

Minnesota native brings Christ to Beijing games
Minnesota Christian Chronicle, October 2008 (front page)
Reid Lamphere is a long-time missionary with Athletes in Action, which brings the Gospel message to sporting events all over the world. But, for Lamphere, the 2008 Olympic Games in China were an experience like no other.

Heidi Baum: Claiming Christ for her own sake
Alpha Testimonies
The birth of her daughter, Edeline, spurred Heidi Baum to seek a church home. But little did Heidi know that Jesus wanted a relationship with her as much as her new baby.