Though I’m a card-carrying member of the notorious Rule Followers Club, I’m still not keen on anyone telling me that I have to do anything. However, when a successful literary agent tells me that blog-writing is “mandatory” for anyone who dares to call herself an author, I know I have to do it.

So here I am–a blogger. As the title suggests, I want to focus on the abilities that all of us have as writers and the ways that we can overcome the obstacles that make us feel less productive, confident, etc. Where are our ideas born? How can we better act on those ideas? What encouragement can we offer to each other? Maybe I’ll share story ideas that occur to me throughout the week. Or maybe interesting insights from my favorite books or Web sites or writing heroes. Or maybe a practical tip or two that I want to try…

Want to. I think I’m into this after all.

p.s. My thanks to Dawn of Red Sofa Literary for convincing me today to get on the blog bandwagon. I reserved this address years ago–I just needed the nudge to start using it.