The Advent Project 2018

baby-21990_1280It’s the first Sunday of Advent, an annual season of waiting for those of us who believe in the sacred origins of Christmas and believe in Jesus as Son of God and the sent Messiah.

I love this time of year, especially as a Minnesotan. Our surroundings take on a quiet, more expectant nature. No more rustle of leaves—the trees are bare. No more long days of summer—dim comes before dinner. Our homes take on a different, warm glow by firelight, candlelight, tree light.

I mentioned The Lent Project out of Biola University last spring. Now I’m excited to dig into The Advent Project, which “[t]hrough the layering of Scripture, prayers, and the arts, offers a wonderful opportunity for daily reflection, an occasion for us to pray with our eyes and ears as well as our hearts and minds.”

Like The Lent Project, The Advent Project weaves together personal expression, creative endeavors, and powerful stories of faith. Truly it’s the most beautiful experience I’ve encountered through a digital platform. I invite you to enjoy it with me as a special way to follow your artistic interests and scratch your creative itch. I invite you to join me in celebrating and welcoming the coming of Jesus!


The Lent Project 2018

Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel at Biola University

I know, I know, I’m about 40 days late in sharing this resource: The Lent Project, “a 53-day aesthetically guided meditation on Christ’s life, death, and resurrection” brought to us by Biola University and their Center for Christianity, Culture & the Arts (CCCA).

The Lent Project is essentially a virtual art exhibit of well-known and not-so-known artists that features one special piece of artwork for each day of Lent. Each piece is accompanied by a Scripture passage, a poem, and a devotional. What’s more, as we read, we can also listen to a music composition selected by The Lent Project “curators.” It. Is. Rich!

This year’s project introduction offers this description: “Through the layering of Scripture, prayers and the arts, The Lent Project offers a wonderful opportunity for daily reflection, an occasion for us to pray with our eyes and ears as well as our hearts and minds.” We can enjoy the experience any time throughout the year since The Lent Project will continue to live in the CCCA’s archives. It’s also there where projects from previous years reside. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to catching up!

No matter your walk of faith, CCCA’s archives contain a treasure trove of resources for artists and art enthusiasts. Recorded symposiums. Interviews with accomplished artists. Profiles and articles. Even past Advent Projects in a similar vein of the Lent Projects! I can’t wait to dig in!