“In Patrick Lencioni’s book “The Ideal Team Player,” Lencioni defines three attributes that are essential. Humble. Hungry. Smart. All three, in and of themselves, are important, however the intersection of these attributes is what separates the good from the great. Barb is one of the great ones! She adds depth, insight and excellence to everything she does and, because of this, our organization shines!”
Jason Beaver, Executive Director, Calvary Lutheran Church

“Barbara Farland is communications excellence personified. She understands strategy. She consistently delivers the right communications tools for the strategy. And she always makes it look so easy (which it’s not).”
Deborah Ely-Lawrence, Former Director of Public Relations, Thrivent Financial

“Through her writing skills, corporate communications expertise and great communication style, Barb delivered 110 percent of what we needed. We look forward to working with Barb on future projects!”
Frank Steck, President, Spotlight Corporate Entertainment, Inc.

“Barbara Farland put together my line card and sales introduction letter in 2001 and, to this day, I still get responses from those mailings. Her work is concise, easy to read and very professional.”
Michael Fine, President, Fine Music Supply

“Barb Farland is a top-notch communications professional. She is very conscientious, hard-working and creative. She’s a wonderful writer that is able to tackle any subject matter with finesse and grace. I highly recommend Barb.”
Sara Barron-Leer, Independent Communications and Community Relations Consultant

“Barb is a creative, insightful writer, who puts words together like they were lyrics to your favorite song. She is able to manage people, projects and programs to deliver delightful results on time and on budget. I loved working with Barb!”
Marna Gisvold, Manager, Communications Services, Thrivent Financial

“I worked with Barb when I was just starting my career and she was an incredible colleague. She was thoughtful, kind and honest in every interaction. Plus, a complete joy. Barb is a masterful communicator, writer and editor. Since working with her, I have continued to follow her personal work and have been really impressed with her abilities when it comes to express herself with words. If our paths crossed again, I would be honored to work with Barb again.”
Emily Perron Sandager, Life Coach & Content Management Strategist


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